This web site (managed as a public service by Chris Leman, cleman@oo.net, 206-322-5463) sets forth the case against establishing a Metropolitan Park District (MPD) for Seattle’s parks, community centers, and nature centers. Without major changes in state law, a Seattle MPD would be an unaccountable juggernaut not governed by the City Charter, ordinance, resolutions, rules or regulations. Hard-won protections, openness and participation for our parks would be lost, all for a sketchy and irreversible increase in property taxes that is likely to be accompanied by cuts in the current sources of Park Department funding. A Metropolitan Park District would endanger the very parks it purports to help. The real solution for is for the Mayor and City Council to stop starving our parks, and to fully fund them as the City did in previous generations. And they should put before the voters not an unaccountable and overpriced MPD, but a parks levy such as the many past ones that have regularly ensured oversight of parks management and spending.


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